There is a reason why we do not always have the things we desire, or able to implement our ideas like we see them in our minds. This reason is doubt. Doubt is destructive especially self doubt. Too often you find someone who plans to do something, but at the same time he/she is doubting if it will work.

God’s word says, if we don’t doubt in our hearts but believe instead, what we say or do will come to pass. But this is so difficult for us most times especially when you pay attention or consider the things happening around you; your lack of money, poor economy, poor health condition, lack of education, lack of support etc, you just find yourself doubting your success.

Folks no matter how tough it is, if you really want to achieve success, you must try not to doubt yourself. Stop thinking about things that will go wrong, and instead focus on the things that will go right. Most of us are always imagining the “what if” scenarios; what if I am rejected? What if people don’t buy my product? What if the money never comes? What if my heart gets broken? What if he/she cheats on me? What if I flunk the test? What if this or that?

Jesus says we can have whatever we say if we don’t doubt. So what are you saying with your mouth? Do you go about saying negative things? Sure enough you will get more of them in your life. I can’t tell just how many times I have had this principle reflected in my life due to my doubts. The times when I desire one thing, and I am expressing all my fears and doubts of getting it, and every time this happen I never get my desires.

I want you to take a moment and reflect on this statement by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer; “The Wright brothers didn’t contemplate the staying on the ground of things. Alexander Graham Bell didn’t contemplate the non-communication of things. Thomas Edison didn’t contemplate the darkness of things. In order to float an idea into your reality, you must be willing to do a somersault into the unconceivable and land on your feet, contemplating what you want instead of what you don’t have.”

So you’ve heard from the late Sage. Don’t contemplate the things that won’t work or all the things that will go wrong, instead focus on all the good and positive things that will happen when your ideas/dreams/desires become a reality. Always contemplate on what you want and not what you don’t want to happen. What do you want to see come alive? What do you want to have? Well it’s time to contemplate it coming alive then!

Live your greatest life!

I’m Afraid To Tell You How Much I Like You

Dear You,

I am writing this letter to let you know that I like etyou the moment I set my
eyes on you. It grows deeper by day and believe me I’ve tried every possible way to shrug and avoid this feeling. Funny how though, we hardly talk, but those small talked from the past is enough for me to treasure for a lifetime.

You may not be able to read this letter anyway for I have no guts on giving this to you. If you happened to read this letter by any means I want you to leave it just like that. You don’t have to answer nor mention it. I forbid you. I know I am hallucinating to believe that you will feel the same for I know it isgoing @:…III uu impossible. No, I am not asking for more, meeting you and knowing you is more than resume is .
On my
So I want you to stay quiet, go on with your beautiful and adventurous life, have fun and continue being awesome as you are. This letter happens to just pass you by, that it never happened, that this is just like our normal encounter every day; ignoring each other. Because knowing that you read this makes me fall to my knees and makes my pulse race.

I also want you to know that your voice is music to my ears, that I end up wearing my earplugs almost every day because hearing more means falling for you more.

Did you know that you have the sweetest smile that I have ever seen? And that you look twice more beautiful  when you throw one?

But most of all you have the most passionate eyes. And I wonder how many fall on their knees when they see you stare? You have a stare that could mean anything or nothing to someone, but for me it means everything. It means even for a while I get to glimpse with those eyes, with your passionate eyes.

And lastly, you wear your hair like no one else can. Be it lay on your shoulder or in a bun. You wear it like an armor, like you are the most feminine of all.

I hope these makes you smile even a little, but if it creeps you out, my deepest apology.

To tell you honestly, you are the person I never wanted to meet. Because I know meeting someone like you means changing my beliefs, it means a big impact on my everyday life. You are the person I never planned to meet. You are the person I was afraid to meet. You are the person I never expected to meet.

But I want to thank you. Because meeting you means I am still alive, that after all those bad times in the past that I almost believe that this is impossible to feel again, like an arrow shot from a crossbow, like a flash of lighting leaving a jagged line across the sky, it happened, so sudden that it is almost foreign to me.

Thank you, though I know you have no idea about this (but you have now), thank you, because in the shortest months of my life I feel more alive than ever, more delighted, more colorful.

You serve as the rainbow after all the storms. Thank you for being my inspiration in so many ways you know nothing about.
I’m afraid for this day to come, to finally bid goodbye. I feel so sad every time I think of it and I do think of it every day; from the moment I open my eyes in the morning to the moment I close it at night. If only I can drag the days longer to always hear your voice even if I always wear my earplugs, to always see your smile, to always take a sneak on your eyes, to always admire how your hair perfectly suits you,.

If only I can drag the days longer to always be with you even from afar and feel your presence each and every time. It hurts and it hurts more every day. If only I can wipe all the feelings I have for you. If only I can teach this heart of mine to stop beating for you. If only I can unlove you. If only it would be that easy. I will. But it isn’t, because I have fallen for you more than I can imagine.

I’m sorry for liking you.

I’m sorry if, for the past months that me glancing-to-staring at you gives you creeps. Sorry if I irritate you when you catch me glaring at you. I don’t even know why I am apologizing in the first place but I know somehow with those instances I felt that I annoyed you and I am deeply sorry for that. It’s just, there are some things in this world you can’t let your eyes off it; no matter how hard you tried diverting away from everything.

I guess that’s the beauty of the eyes, it will lead you right back where it finds beauty beyond comparison; but as tricky as it is, it pursues the things that will hurt you all the more without it knowing as it did to mine.

I guess it’s just me building pile of memories with my eyes that somewhere behind it, it has seen something worth staring, worth keeping, worth remembering.

Please don’t hate my words. There are days that I’m bad at it.

I’m really bad at it.

If by fate we see each other again one day, I want you to ignore me, to continue walking, to continue where you are going. But I know deep down, I want you to smile at me and wave at me and ask how am I. But no, please, don’t do that.

And God’s be good you will live a life with so much adventure, a life not just what you desire but a life that you deserve with your family, your friends, and your special someone. And I am more than happy to know that.

Thank you because, because of you, I have felt this kind of emotion the same feeling I have when I’m on top of every mountain, the same feeling I have when I’m in the middle of the sea, the same feeling I have when I am surrounded by my books.

Thank you because, because of you I have felt this kind of emotion; as high as the highest peak and as deep as deepest sea and all the roads in between.

See you at the crossroads, this whole thing meeting you, it was and still an extraordinary and blissful adventure I will never forget about.

The Opposite of Fear…….

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”Jack Canfield

Let me tell you about fear. It’s poison. It’s poison for your mind. It makes you lose control, it makes you freeze, it makes you take the wrong decision. When you let fear take over, you’re just an echo of your former self. An empty shadow and nothing more.

But we’re all afraid, aren’t we? Even the brave are afraid. There’s no such thing as fearless. There’s always something to be afraid of. What will happen, what might happen, what we might lose, what we might never gain.

So… what is there to be had on the other side of fear?

The awful truth about life is that what doesn’t kill often makes you wish it did. There’s great sadness and pain in this world, and we all get our fair share. But, you see, eventually all those things that don’t kill us either make us stronger or weaker. After a while, when pain becomes but a memory, we have a choice.

We can either decide to become stronger or weaker. We can harden ourselves up or not. The choice is always ours.

But we’re afraid… even when the pain goes away, we’re afraid it might return. Even after heartbreaks heal, we’re afraid someone else will break our hearts again. We might never want to fall in love again. We might want to spend a lifetime behind closed doors, just to be sure.

That’s when we need to fight fear, we need to see what is it that we can find on the other side of fear.

All our dreams and expectations. All our ambitions. All the power and the courage and the determination and the discipline we could ever need. All that lies just on the other side of fear.

I’ve always wanted to go to the United States and forge a better future there. Ever since I was six, actually. I never even traveled there, mostly because I was afraid of the visa requirements. Or the fact that I’d fail. I just wanted to fight a sure battle, but no one could ever guarantee me that. No one ever will.

And I’ve filled the ocean that lies between Romania and the US with excuses, endless scenarios, and fear. I’ve thought about it, over and over again, and decided that it would be best to wait. Living in a foreign country, all by myself, seemed like too much. Just the thought that I’d need to go through a lot of trouble just to arrive at my destination seemed impossible.

I’ve never even been on a plane.


There’s one thing about me that I never lost, one thing that I didn’t learn or mimic from others. I want things so badly that I’d be willing to do anything to get them. When I decide that it’s time to do so, I don’t let anything stand in my way.

I did the same for writing. I wrote on and off for 8 years before finally deciding that I’d better man up and write more and more stuff. And finish stuff. And get stuff published.

There are no impossible journeys in life. Only journeys we’re too afraid to even start.

Now I know that life’s all about being afraid and doing it anyways. In fact, fear should motivate me. It should drive me to act, to try my best, to try to solve problems.

I don’t want to spend a lifetime dreaming about an ideal future. I don’t want to wish for it to happen. I want to make it happen. Because no one else will do it for me.

And that makes all the difference.

The world is never against you. The world does not hate you.

You’re just alone. You and your dreams. And it’s entirely up to you to make them happen, one at a time, before it’s too late.

Because the most tragic thing that could ever happen to you is to realize that it’s too late.


A mother is a person who gives without thinking twice,
She has a undying love that continues to touch your soul even when she is gone.
Feels good to know that if ever the world turned against you, your mother never did and she never will.
No one can ever care for you like your mother will or have.
Sleepless nights of constant prayer, preparation of meals, making sure everything is ready by the time you wake up,
Who can really define what a mother is?
Words cannot come close to portray a mother’s love.
Then there are some, that did not physically birth a child, but in my opinion are still considered a mother… you see
She cared for you like a mother would, she was there the times your mother could not be present, she stepped up her role to support, love and cater to you.
She is a mother.
She was a mother.
She will always be considered a mother.
Nobody can ever take that title away from her.
“Mothers” give you their last without rethinking it.
“Mothers” constantly have you on their minds, thinking of ways to make YOU better.
“Mothers” are always armed and ready to attack when they see you sad.
“Mothers” cry tears of joy when they see you prosper, because your success is their success.
Selfishness is not in her, for she is as selfless as it gets.
Anger does not define her, for she is pure and true.
Time and time again you might make her sad, hurt, cry, quarrel, but she is not one to hold a grudge.
She knows your heart.
She forgave you before you came to terms with what you have done.
She loves through your hatred of her when she tells you no.
A true “mother” always knows what to do when you have no clue.
Wisdom is her middle name and grace is what she will always have.
And on that day when it is time to pay her back for all she’s done
I just hope that the love she gave was enough to give back.
So thank you to all mothers, near and far
Whether you are an aunt, sister, friend, who knows.
Who can ever be above her?
No other can ever be above her.
No other can ever replace her.

“It takes someone strong to make someone strong.” (Thank you MOM)

Cherish your mothers, you never know when it will be their time to go. To those who lost their moms, just remember the love she gave you when she was a live & just know she would be proud of you today. Stay strong! -MJ.

When The Writer Fell In Love

When a writer falls in love,his writings can either make you fall or will break your heart. When a writer falls in love, he may actually stop writing.

Ideas about love, relationships and heartaches are reality to some but for the writer, it is only but a dream he has yet to experience. For he is the writer who only learns about dates, kisses and break ups through the stories he heard. And when he writes, he tries to sew it all in the most perfect way. In ways like how movies and songs are made, with happy endings. he can only imagine.

Behind every chic flick, novels and songs are writers who works hard in portraying the emotions and feelings that people have felt- a feeling that he have not even experienced at all.He writes stories about his parents unconditional love or his friend’s break up but he has never written his own. It is an ironic event where one tries to make everyone feel something that he himself have not yet felt.

But then he fell in love and he stopped writing. He did not only stop writing, he stopped doing everything.He spent less time with his family, with his friends, with his studies and even to himself because he only had time for her.

Late night strolls, dinner for two, warm hugs and deep conversations. The writer fell in love with the simplest thought that he can also be loved. That he is capable of being loved, that he can be seen as a potential lover and no longer just the friend, the younger brother or the storyteller. The writer has become a reality of his own.

When the writer fell in love, he loved so hopelessly and very deeply. The writer who wrote fictional characters and imagined episodes became human.He became an actuality of his own, with someone whom he thought can only be found in his dreams.He was not conceptualizing drafts for others anymore- for he was making her own.

Of all the stories the writer has made, he always questioned as to how can people be so senseless when it comes to love. How can people become so helpless when they are in the state of being in love?

The writer sees it all now. One can not have a single definition of love, for love is universal. For love is experienced in different ways and in different levels. For the writer, he has accepted the fact that when you fall in love, you are not yourself anymore. You are a person blinded of love.

The writer no longer thought about himself but instead the welfare of his love. He no longer had time to write for he would rather look at reality- for she is real and words are not. The writer no longer writes because he’s afraid that if he would let even a minute pass, his reality might disappear.

And true enough, like the ones he have heard and seen, there will come a time when everything will fall apart. It was all gone as fast as it came. He disappeared leaving his breathless and perverse.

No more late night conversations, no more dinner out, no more ridiculous doings- no more them. There is no happy endings unlike what the other writers made everyone, including her, believe.

When the writer fell in love, she was sure that what she gave was pure and genuine feelings. But because there is no better expert of heartbreaks than a writer, he knows that he will no longer love the same.He knows how to restrict herself now for she already recognizes the feeling of falling back first and not looking if there’s even someone who’d catch her.

When the writer falls in love again,he’ll no longer expect pixie dusts, exciting glows and firework shows. When the writer falls in love, he’ll expect both an eternity of happiness and pain all at the same time.

Heart.Where life and Desire come from

Life.  This journey called life.  Life is straight ahead.  The whole world ahead of me.  The pages have flipped.  I want to soar like the eagles and run free in the fields.  I want to be full of joy and peace and feel as though what I say has meaning.  What is the meaning behind it all?  Is there a meaning, or is life just meaningless?  Friedrich Nietzsche had this belief; that there was nothing to believe in.  I do not believe so.  There has to be a purpose to this life and what is being done.  What is being written, does it matter?  Yes.  Even when it doesn’t seem like it.  Even if the results are not seen, everything done has an effect.

Desire.  Desire to change the world.  Desire to make the slightest difference.  All it takes is one step forward.  Just take that first step.  It may require faith and a lot of courage, but if you believe that it can be done, why not step?  If you don’t take it, how will you know?  Will you ever know if you could have made a difference, even in the slightest way?  I don’t want to be stuck in the mud, trapped in sinking sand.  Move forward, try new things, explore the possibilities; they are endless.  Is failure and option?  Absolutely.  Be willing to take that risk; it is the only way to learn.

Heart.  Where desire and life come from.  Without a heart, there is no life; there is a flat line.  Where is your heart?  Is it really in the dreams that are floating in your mind?  The heart is what needs to keep beating to give us life, but it needs to keep beating with desire.  Without it, failure is the only option.  With it, anything is possible.  The heart will be what keeps the dreams afloat.  Don’t be on a sinking boat, but have the heart; the heart to do big things, achieve goals, do things never thought possible.  There is meaning to it all even when it is not seen.  Have the heart to live life with a desire to do something.

We don’t have to be the most equipped or the most skilled, we just have to have a desire and the heart to want to make a difference.  Will you take that step of faith?  Will you take a chance in life?


All My Adventures Are Better Alongside You

It’s your hand I want to hold as I jump from the rocks, into the waves below, as we set sail across the sea, and kayak down the rapids. I want to watch the sunrise over the mountains with my head on your shoulder and laugh with you when I fall in the snow. I want to lie in the bush watching the stars by night and the clouds by day with you by my side. I want minutes to become hours and days to become weeks because time doesn’t matter when we are together.

I want you to be there when I see the Pyramids of Giza, reach the summit of Kilimanjaro and dive by the great barrier reef. I want us to share a ride in a hot air balloon in Bagan and a pizza in Rome. I want to drink all night on a Thai beach and dance in the waves until the sun comes up with you by my side.

I want to travel the world with you.

We’ll laugh when we miss the fight because we lost track of the days and forgot to leave. We’ll share water fights in the ocean and snow ball fights in winter. You’ll hold my hand when the last few hundred metres of the ascent feel like miles and you’ll dance with me in the rain. We’ll walk barefoot in the forest and drink beers in the sand. People will say we are crazy but it’s OK because we are one and the same, happy together.

I want us to share it, because with you the adventure is so much more.
With you we laugh and we cry and we live and embrace every moment. With you dreams become reality overnight and there is always more life to experience. Together we are adventurers. The sea is always clearest, the sky bluest, and the mountains tallest when we are together.

I want to share stories with our grandchildren of the mountains we have climbed, the sights we have seen and the oceans we have swum. I want them to laugh when we tell them about our mishaps and mistakes. I want them to yearn with envy as we show them photos of our tanned bodies and flip-flopped feet exploring the world, free and uninhibited.

It is you that I want to share these memories with and it is you and me, together that will bring the experiences to life. We won’t have time to worry about pensions, investments and mortgages because we are too busy living right now, and saving that for later. We’ll bartend and work in hostels, I’ll write stories and you’ll take photos, recording our journey and sharing it with envious friends too afraid to take the same leap.

Our journey will never end, we will be adventurers together as long as we wish that to be and we will be happy in our mad and exciting, unlimited world