One pure moment of focused emptiness is worth a thousand pictures.

Nynia in the Now

I am very well aware that the surest way to build your goals is to have a clear picture of what it would look like, and feeling what attaining it would feel like. My difficulty is creating that sort of focus. How can I fix a sure sensation of a goal if I can’t quite imagine what that sensation would be?

As a hypersensitive, I am constantly aware of very many conflicting and distracting images and sensations. It can be very difficult to imagine what it would be like to have those calmed, replaced by something tranquil, focused, and solitary. That’s why where, when and how I meditate is so important for my success, which I figure isn’t any different from most anybody else.

By practicing mindfulness, I’m prepared when I do come across something that helps me discover that mental or sensory hook. Just one concept, or even a…

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