Theun Mares : The Challenge of Individual Responsibility


“Today, millions of people are disenfranchised in the true sense of the word – not because they have no money or cars, but because they feel that they are worthless and have no part to play in life. Millions of others have some money but have become disaffected with their jobs, their Churches, their entire lives, and for the same reason – that they feel that they are nothing more than numbers in a system.

A great many of these people give up on themselves and any connection with their spirituality, remaining hungry and disillusioned – and they will remain so for as long as they believe that they are merely the puppets of a capricious God, or the devil, or the government, or some other aspect of the system.

Toltecs believe that although there are many sources, with each revealing its value, at the end of the day…

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