(Hey me!) Stop waiting. And live.

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People don’t get jobs.

Then we don’t get good pays.

Then we don’t get gratifying responsibilities.

Then we don’t get authoritative positions.

So, we resign.


Again, the job search cycle begins.


Then, we get a job again.

But we get tired of working.

We wish to retire.

Then one day we are too old for the office to keep us.

Then we wish to be working again.


Wishing and waiting for the next thing to happen, always.


No, really. When will we be happy?

Will we always wait?

For the next thing to happen?

Because, ‘of-course’, that is going to be better?

Do we ever find the best?

The perfect?

Do we ever live the dream?


I doubt.


But no matter how much I doubt, I still wait.

Even though I know that waiting after waiting, I only get older.

Until it is…

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