Life ~ An Experience on the Journey….


Life is just so strange and yet so wonderful! It tends to show you where you need to change your thoughts, actually change yourself in order to grow. If you stay on a certain path, in a certain frame of mind,  you will definitely learn, however, you may just learn in a way that is a little less than “perfect”…

Sometimes, right out of the blue the truth flows through you like a tsunami wave… get an answer to a question, a situation, a resolution to a self inflicted problem that you have been ‘simmering’ in…for what may have seemed like ‘forever’.  That is exactly what  happened to me not too long ago. This self-inflicted problem has actually been an on going experience with me for quite some time! I had been coming from a place of blame, anger and “who do you think you are (being yourself)?” Right??


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