Life gets in the way…

Try Hard to Tri Hard

What is it about life that it always gets in the way??? As much as I love life there are times that it really messes with my plans.

Week 4 done and I only got 4 sessions in. It was my alcohol intake that messed with this week’s plans. Yes I had a binge – I have to learn to say NO.

I have decided to abstain from the evil tonic (I have to say that to make it not so tempting for me) until after the Sprint event – Saturday March 15.

And, Week 5, well it’s nearly finished and I’ve only got 2 sessions in!!! I’ve got 3 days left in Week 5 and I’m going to have to double up on one day so I can at least get 5 sessions in. Emotions got in the way of week 5 training.

You know, I’ve never regretted anything…

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