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The burning question: climate change in context, with Duncan Clark

London Futurists: The burning question

Hi David et al,

Would love to be there, but living in Kaikoura NZ I am almost exactly on the other side of the planet – so wont be (unless someone else comes up with the cash for the flights and accommodation).

I have given the topic a lot of thought over the last 40 years.

There is no doubt in my mind that the problem can be solved.
The questions are:
Will we make the necessary choices? and
What do those choices look like?

You asked:
What mix of technology, politics, psychology, and economics might be required?

That is a very interesting question indeed.
It seems that the technology part is relatively easy, the psychology not too difficult, politics is irrelevant in a sense (in that it responds for the most part to other…

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