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Question of the Day ~ 15 Jan. ’14 ~ HAVING

What have you taken an idea of, and created / constructed from nothing to something?

I have spent a large chunk of my life involved in fisheries.
As a commercial fisherman, and a trained marine ecologist, I worked with various fishermen’s organisations to support the introduction of a Quota Management System (QMS) for New Zealand Fisheries. Back in 1984, when the then minister of Fisheries Colin Moyle required that a majority of fishermen support the introduction of the QMS before he would introduce it, I was the Northern Regional Field officer for the Federation of Commercial Fishermen, and I attended dozens of fishermen’s meetings throughout the populous north, and had a big part in convincing fishermen that it was a good idea.
When the system looked sure to be introduced, I wrote a computer system to help people cope with…

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