A Little About Everything

white_feather_by_SimonKonradSometimes during our teenage years, and perhaps few years after, we face some incidents in our lives. These incidents are sometimes so tough that they act as severe turning points in our lives. Sometimes they affect our perception of human social life. Some other times, they shake our self-confidence. These incidents leave a lot of precipitations within our souls. Some of us might have experienced severe harassment from friends, family, colleagues or strangers. Others might have gone through unfairness or misjudgment. Many of us might have seen treason or betrayal from friends and close people. There are a lot of incidents that we might face, but they all lead to similar results. They would probably affect our future decisions in life, either on the social level or on the educational and career wise.

Usually, when we face such kind of incidents, we instinctively hate the person who was the reason behind…

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