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27 January 2014 ~ Question of the Day ~ More or Less

What do you need More or Less of in your life?

More days of life.

Less of the disabilities normally associated with age.

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Hi RM and OM

Interesting distinction between needs, wants, and expectations.

For me, needs are those things which are essential, which is actually quite a short list:
Clean air, fresh water, nutritious food, shelter appropriate to conditions, clothing, freedom of communications (ability to communicate with communities of interest) and travel, access to education.
Beyond those basics, we have need of medical technology occasionally, for life maintenance and extension.

Given those, humans have the ability to self actualise, as Abraham Maslow put forward in his famous 1943 paper. I would alter those needs slightly, in the light of information that has been discovered since 1943, but his work covers the gist of…

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