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28 January 2014 ~ Question of the Day ~ Numbers

What are Numbers?

This is deep.
Numbers seem to include and infinitude of infinities.
For most of us, our first encounter with number is with integers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …..
For a few years integers (whole numbers) is where it’s at for most of us.
Then we start to get into fractions. This can happen quite early if we have siblings – halves, thirds, quarters, etc.

It seems that there is no end to the possible number of either integers or fractions. We can always add one to even the largest integer we can come up with. This idea is usually our first encounter with infinity.
Then we find that there is an infinity of fractions between any two integers (an infinity of infinities).

It is worth noting at this point, that our physical universe seems to be…

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