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Question of the Day ~January 16, 2014~ Unanswerable Questions or Incomprehensible Answers

Are there any unanswerable questions or just incomprehensible answers?

Logic and computational theory tell us that there are three general classes of problem.
Those that are computable by some shortcut algorithm;
Those that are only computable by iterating every step in the process (like the Mandelbrot set, or the digits of Pi); and
Those that have no computable solution (the algorithm continues forever without terminating).

The latter of these three classes give rise to what is known in computational circles as the “halting problem” – how do you decide whether to keep on computing in the hope that the problem resolves, or to stop computing that problem and move on to something else.

Comprehension is a different notion completely.

For some people comprehension relies on being able to tie together groups of ideas with a linear sequence of…

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