Why People Should Not Rush Into Relationships

Random Thoughts of "A"

So it’s the third date and you’re wondering, “What’s the next step?” I mean after all, you two lovebirds know each other so well. You both love sushi, foreign films, and Trader Joe’s! And let’s not forget about those hormones. He’s hot, she’s gorgeous and the tension is just building. But taking that next step would feel a little premature if you weren’t at least in a relationship first. So somewhere between Date 3 and Date 4, you two become an official item. You might sound it from the rooftops. You might celebrate in secret. But you are a couple, nonetheless, committed to each other, whatever that means.

Sure, a guy and a girl can split up any time they want to, but one doesn’t suffer too many heartbreaks before they promise to be finished with relationships forever. There’s a reason that parties of a newly failed relationship reject the…

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