You Are A Gift Of Love From God

Arrested With Love

Walking through memories
The Joy trapped in tears
Energy cannot be sustained
The shinning stars
Now becomes a black hole
The Will to overcome
Falters away slowly
Daring not to desire anymore
Head bowed
Kneels down
eyes closed
Raising hands all high
surrendering to my faith

A Prayer struck my mouthful heart
In a silent wave
My soul communing to His Spirit
‘Not all about me
Let your desire
Conquer my memories’

Loudly gasping
Resurrecting from
A faltering strength
A new dawn is here
Unending joy have arrived
The brighter Star is shinning
I Prayed for a cup of water
Now have River
I Prayed for a seed
Now have forest
I Prayed for a friend
He gave me You
A Thirst for Love is gone
Crowded in your Presence
Loneliness has departed
You have brought a new version
That will never end in my life time
I Love you…

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