With practice, it can be easier to focus on what’s going right. It might even pave the way for more “rightness” as time goes by.

Nynia in the Now

Sometimes, it can seem so much easier to focus on what has been wrong, rather than what has been right.

Several things went right for me today. I successfully avoided a couple of things that would have caused me some severe short-term pain. My car needed work, which it was able to get done fairly quickly and I’ll be able to pay for it. I got to have some wonderful laughs with my son.

And now, I’m listening to some very soothing music, having a calming cup of tea. I’ll now be able to relax a bit before going to sleep. Right now, I’m focusing on a lot going right tomorrow, too.

I figure, if I focus ahead of time, perhaps I’ll be better prepared to notice the rightness at the time. If I’m really lucky, it’ll help there be more rightness in my day for me to enjoy.

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