From a Slum to the Global Stage; A story of Resilience.

The Audacious Rectitude of Nyakiyaism

This is a story of an African erudite, a man bequeathed with a rare combination of both sagacity and intelligence, born and raised in an unsafe and limiting environment of a Kenyan sprawling slum, kept by mercies of God and educated through the generous hands of well-wishers and hard work of his poor parents. It is about a young man who has survived the tides of hardship and through determination and tenacity, emerged victoriously on the world stage as a living testimony that hope is still alive. 10509605_258860344313464_8850122626671640264_n

It is a story of a young man, once smaller than his own name but whose big dreams have steadily developed over time into a reality so large that it radiates wondrous  magnitudes of positive energy and inspiration into  Millions of lives across the globe. From very humble and minute beginnings, he launched the race towards success, maintained the tempo and kept his…

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