The Audacious Rectitude of Nyakiyaism


Days come and go, babies are born, they start and eventually stop playing around with their mothers’ breasts – they develop into responsible youth who later grow old and ultimately die! They said before you and I were born that time and age wait for no man, but I should rather add that neither does death. Our today is born of yesterday and either builds or demolishes the future. Young girls become women and possibly produce other young beings, boys grow into men and either grow into human beings or animals. In short, as we grow through the process of socialization, we adopt both good and bad, desirable or profane, and we become whatever we choose to be;- Silly, wise, bright, composed, stubborn, crazy, religious, philanthropic, mean, mature, premature, immature and any other form of human or “animalistic” characteristic we so wish to bare! Oh yes we do, and as…

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