I have for the some time now been carefully studying, analyzing, comparing and trying to understand some of the silent traits of human beings. From this I came across an interesting analogy which I am sure will help you as well in seeing yourself from a different angle. In this article they are captured as traits of some people and those of other people. After reading this, you will know where you belong. Enjoy your read.
Some people read every day; other people watch every day
Some people have a sense of gratitude; other people have a sense of entitlement.
Some people take responsibility for their failures; other people blame others for their failure
Some people set goals and have life plans; other people operate from a transactional perspective
Some people give sincerely and forgive quickly; other people receive, forget and are good at keeping grudges.
Some people sincerely compliment others and wish the best for them; other people always criticize and silently wish for the downfall of others
Some people regard authority, respect protocol; other people have little regard for authority, silently yearn to be in position of control and pretend to respect others.
Some people are open and are willing to share information and data with others; other people are secretive and horde information, even some which may not help them.
Some people are always willing to learn and readily admit when they’re wrong; other people think they know it all and rarely accept the fact that they can sometimes be wrong.
Some people give others credit even for their own victories; other people take all the credit even for victories which aren’t wholesomely theirs.
Some people are already working on their resolutions for 2015; other people are still writing their resolutions for 2015
Some people are successful people by every measure; other people are unsuccessful and self-proclaimed stories of success
Does this make any sense to you? If it does, why not share it with others as well.


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