Philip Okundi; Moses Kajwang’ and why we should not vote them.

The Audacious Rectitude of Nyakiyaism


As far as my revolutionary ideas are concerned, what to many Kenyans will be the 12th of Feb 2015, shall to us in Homa-Bay County, the 7th of July 1990. On this day a Saba Saba will be pulled on traditional political lords and their sidekicks. Hopefully, unlike the original saba saba, there will be neither clouds of teargas nor violent confrontations between wananchi (stakeholders) and wenyenchi (steak-holders). Like in 1990, Kenyans, (this time) voting in my lake-side County, shall rise against politics of oppression and suppression but we pray that far from what happened in 1990, no blood or tear should be shed, only sweat should be shed in the long lines of peaceful voters.

You might disagree with my timing or the interpretation of political phenomena, but be it as it may, I beg of you to exercise some patience and allow yourselves to interact with my own…

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