The veils shrouding our civilisation are part system-constructed masks and part mists created by mystifications. Our perception of the system from within the system is created by a complex network of players. Created by the leaders, political and social, legal and economic, and all their cohorts; by the opinion makers, editors and journalists; by the intellectuals who are invited to comment and debate; by the artists and entertainers, critical or otherwise, who want to define as well as reveal. All of them are operating in an interactive way, mystifying each other with their own personal pragmatisms and ideologies, and being mystified themselves simply by being a part of the general mystification.

The decadence of a system resides in the systemic impossibility of judging the system and its problems from any objective standpoint. Once all analysis and any criticism comes from within the system itself, the system is doomed to fall into a hallucinatory state in which problems are impossible to tackle precisely because they are viewing the crisis from deep within instead of from without. Reality becomes a maze of mirrors. However, each mirror, even the dialectical ones, are only reflecting the subject before it. The same change is reflected and distorted in a thousand ways. Of course those within are all lost until they realise that they are being tricked. The maze is not a maze in the strict sense at all, but a vulgar game. One of the mirrors is in fact a door and to get out one simply needs to push each mirror until the mirror that is more than a mirror is found.

Within the maze however, there can be no objective or genius perspective capable of announcing any real hope of escape and salvation, and the maze atmosphere of our civilisation is insipidly suffocating. The libidinal energies of individuals seep into the system, suffusing one another without producing any synthesis, or anything new. There is no new combination just an intensification of the old way. As our civilisation inflates itself it becomes more intense, more extreme, and we mistake this stress-creating intensification with progress. However, it’s not progress at all, but degeneration.


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