Are You Letting Yesterday takes much of today

Are you letting yesterday take up too much of today? Unfortunately many of us are. We spend so much time thinking and talking about how achievements, our victories, our breakthroughs and our successes of yesterday, last week, last month, last year and so on and forget to act to improve our lives today.

There are also some of us who spend our today whining and complaining about the misfortunes, ill lucks, failures, disappointments and adversity of yesterday. All we do is blame others, circumstances and events that happened yesterday, last week, last month, last year and so on for our inability to act today. We exist today but we are not fully alive.

Folks don’t let yesterday take up too much of today. No matter what you achieved or didn’t achieve previously, forget about it and focus on today. Take the advice of the scripture that says, “Forget the former things and do not dwell on the past” because it is gone.

If you want to extend your breakthroughs and successes, forget about them. If you want to break a failure and disappointment cycle, forget about it. Forget about everything except concentrating on the very hard work and intelligent planning necessary for never-ending improvement.

Don’t keep looking at the “scoreboard,” the succeed-failed record, or the ongoing results in whatever form they may take. It removes your mind from the most important task, namely, figuring out how to improve yourself and your productivity. Whether you are ahead or behind, what matters most is your focus on improvement. Yesterday along with its victories and failures only tends to distracts and diminish our attention to incessantly seek ways to improve.

Live your greatest life…today!


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