What Really Makes You Beautiful

What really irritates me is when I walk into a rest room (for men) and I see you looking into the mirror, and then stops just because I entered. It’s as if they feel ashamed for looking at themselves. That is the whole purpose of a mirror to look at your reflection, either to admire yourself or check for pimples or spinach in your teeth. It seems that the only place women feel comfortable looking at themselves without the concern of what others think, is the crowed rest room of some event. I guess that is the one time they all feel beautiful after all the prepping that went into them getting to that place.

Why is it you don’t realize that the things that make you different are the things that make you beautiful? Every single person in this world has unique traits that cannot be compared to any other person. Of course we all have our similarities, but there is no way two people can be exactly identical. This is one of the wonderful beauties that life has offered us. Yet a lot of us choose not to acknowledge this interesting tidbit, just because they desire to fit in instead of stand out.

Beyond the superficial aspects, if you really want somebody to see how truly beautiful you really are, you will have to be willing to live your life as yourself. Don’t go around trying on another person’s life in an effort to impress others, because in the end the only person they will be impressed with is you in the outfit of another person.

As society continues to progress it seems as if more and more everyday everyone is more concerned with looking happy than actually being happy and fulfilled on the inside. Instead of being happy with being as beautiful as God made us, we are doing things like plastic surgery, enhancing parts of our bodies, and so on in order to be as beautiful or handsome as the famous figures we see on television on in magazines, not realizing that we are not allowing everyone to see our own unique beauty in the process.

Perfect example may have been a time in which you may have dated someone whom you thought was fine as all out, but your friends thought they were unattractive and had the nerve to share their feelings with you. The truth is everyone has his or her own definition of beauty. It’s like looking at a painting, different people enjoy different things, and not everyone thinks that the same things are beautiful. All that you can do, and what you must really do is be yourself to the fullest extent. We cannot let ourselves get caught up in the world’s definitions of beauty, we can only let our soul fly as it wants to, and let those who choose to see our beauty see it.

Beauty comes in various forms, such as a beautiful mind, heart and spirit. So go out there and be your beautiful self and don’t worry so much about what others think about you. If you’re feeling happy and beautiful that is all that matters.


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