These are wild times.

They are so wild, in fact, that it looks like we are all going around stumbling and mumbling, making very little sense of how we choose to move through our days.

Do we react to what arises & then leg it before being crushed under the weight of embarrassment?

Do we pause, choose, and then act instead, ensuring the best outcome for of all those we will be encountering during our day?

Now like never before, that split second just before responding to life as it unfolds is our “savior in disguise” for how we choose to engage with reality dictates how far we’ll be going.

So if you feel stuck in a rut right now, surrounded by much anger, anxiety, uneasiness, consciously look at how you choose to show up for every new day. Do you erratically move from past to future, unable to recognize the gift in your present moment? Do you react to the hot air, which is blowing out in every corner of the planet? Do you blame family, genes, and friends for your misfortunes?

If you do, then you are probably one of the many who are holding their breath, desperately trying not to drown in the terrifying vastness of unknown waters. Trying to stay afloat, frantically moving your body, desperately looking for rescue, you suddenly remember that you’ve had a life vest on the whole time.

You simply chose to forget.

You suddenly realize that the dark open waters no longer scare you, and even though shore may still be a long way, “ease” & “grace” glide you through what’s to come.

At that moment, you exhale and embrace the unknown.

I breathed in the infinity & found myself….


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