Let me begin by saying, Corruption is both an
inherent vice in Kenya and a ‘virtue’ acquired
through both Real learning(Taught in the
syllabus) and Vicarious Learning. Corruption in
Kenya will NEVER stop because it’s a flower
held so dear to our hearts, we tend to it
religiously, spraying, cultivating and irrigating
it in times of droughts! It’s such a marvelous
plant that’s our identity, without which we
cease to be Kenyans – We would look so
foreign, infact aliens from space if Corruption
was exterminated from our lives! But why say
corruption is part of us! It’s our hallowed
Education System!
A country’s way of life is a true reflection of
its own education system and vice versa. The
Kenyan Education system is a perfect example
of an education system that churns out
products as per its syllabus as executed by the
Teachers. The current educational system
teaches and instills the most coveted
corruption ‘ideals and virtues’ from Pre-Unit
to the highest learning institution. Teachers
currently are the ones working so ‘hard’ to to
teach, instill and shape the minds of children
to love, cherish, adore, abate and partake of
corruption. Today you walk to any school,
Teachers are more concerned about how they
will not get the National Exams Paper
beforehand but on the KNEC marking schemes!
Teachers are engaged in drilling learners for
our exams-oriented system and since they are
under pressure to perform, produce results so
they are rewarded( through reward schemes of
the schools), they will do everything possible
to make it.
Over the years there have been celebrations
across the country in different schools.
Apparently in the name of ‘best performers’
But I will say, at the release of KNEC exam
results what we do celebrate is a New Class of
Clever-Thieves, and well placed thieves who
have been favored by chance and luck to
access the right papers at the right time! Each
year we carry shouoder-high, a new great thief
and show the whole country : ‘Welcome the
newest Best Thief of our Beloved Country!’ We
celebrate. The best thief will grin at Cameras,
begin by thanking God(I think God’s face
contorts in pain at such moments) for helping
and being faithful, tell us about how he always
worked hard and never wasted time, thank
teachers for their support(Of course drilling
and aiding in cheating) blah blah blah.
Eventually our gutter press (Media houses in
Kenya) will rank the best(Thieves) in the
country and give colourful titles to such
In Kenya, you only earn respect by being the
biggest thief. You will have many friends by
being a ‘successful’ business man!
Sonkonization : A culture of getting rich fast,
from unknown businesses and flaunting the
wealth on social media is the newest and
highly worshipped thing in Kenya! We are all
crazy about getting rich! Everyone wants to
command respect and the masses! How best do
you do that? Simple – Get rich, regardless of
the source. With money, you are assured of
the best women(if you are a man), You assured
of any political seat you want, you are sure of
getting through any judicial process unscathed,
you are assured of basically ‘everything’ you
ever dreamt of. Leadership in my lovely
Country is only for the super thieves! If you
aren’t one, forget it just like my friend Peter
For Kenya to win the war against corruption
(which is a mirage anyway) it has to begin
from the education system! It must begin from
the elementary levels, it has to start at home
from our parents! Currently the bug of
stealing, thieving and corruption is fully
evident when these young ones end up in some
universities. It is astonishing that apparently
those fellows who scored clean A’s at KCSE are
the ones having difficult times on campus! You
look at the way they carry out research, the
way they present both group work and
individual work and it really amuses you! The
fellows are too shallow to be called intellects.
This explains why most are keeping deferring,
dropping out of college, doing inter-faculty
transfers from ‘prestigious’ courses to ‘Leda’s
prestigious ones. The minds currently running
universities are those ‘who failed at KCSE’ On
this I mean, fellows who were considered to
have not passed well (Mostly C+ upto B
students) Most of these actually come from
those’small’s schools that never produced
anybody in the top 100 leave alone 1000 in
the country. I have experienced it and I have
seen. But what is the secret? Those fellows
knew the real struggles in life and the need to!
make a better life for themselves unlike the
pampered kids in the big schools. They have a
point to prove at a level field that requires
personal work and dedication(Most universities
but not all) And those who got there through
funny means, through being aided, end up
being put in their right places! It’s really
Hate not corruption, change the education
system, the the way of thinking and we will do
away with our inherited corruption, looting
and cherishing self agrandizement!


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