A prayer for the victims of the PEV

With all the prayer rallies taking place in Kenya, Omwa Ombara, a pseudonym for an international journalist and author, believes the time has come to offer a prayer to the victims of the post-election violence.

Almighty God and Father, we merge our hearts together as one mighty nation, Kenya, to pray for the victims of the 2007/8 post-election violence (PEV).

You promised by your son, Jesus Christ, and your prophets that where two or three people are gathered in your name, you will be in the midst of them.

As we bow before your altar of justice, we deeply breathe in peace and fart out all negativity and injustice.

We do not have powerful pastors, bishops, priests, imams or elders praying with us now, Lord, for they are busy praying for the suspects, and that is also a good thing, Lord. We are not able to make sufficient offerings to get a platform to discuss politics in church, my Lord. We do not have enough cows to offer to the elders for slaughter to atone for our generational curses. We have no money, passport or visa or big names in the government to make the call so that we can attend Assembly of States Parties (ASP) conferences in the Netherlands. We just keep walking around in circles here and there. All that we possessed was lost in the raging fires of the PEV. We have no plates to eat from except the palm of our hands.

We are not worthy to approach your presence, Lord, or even lick the crumbs that fall from your table. We are worse than poor Lazarus, eating crumbs from the rich man’s dirty floor. But you are a God of mercy. You promise that whatsoever we ask in your name, you will grant us, oh Jehovah Jireh, our provider.

The door shall be open

You promised, Lord that if we knock, the door shall be open, if we ask you, we shall be given and if we seek we will find.

Our politicians asked for The Hague, Lord, and you dished it to them on a silver platter. Our God-chosen, anointed leaders begged for The Hague in parliament, the way a child begs for peremende (sweet). Despite resistance from some quarters, you showed your mercy by giving them what they asked for abundantly – 90 years and more. We thank you that you granted their wish. Great is thy faithfulness.

Father in Heaven, you also said that no matter how many times we asked, you would never turn your back on us. Our leaders have now changed their mind. They want the peremende that we gave Ocampo and Bensouda back. They don’t care if they have sucked half of it. They now want to take our peremende back home so that our prosecutors and judges can eat it too. Lord, it is now their turn to eat in The Hague or else we shall demand a withdrawal from the ICC.

Waiting for justice for the victims

We ask for answers, Lord, on matters regarding The Hague. Eight years long we have grieved in the wilderness, waiting for justice for the victims, Lord, but we only see confusion and corruption. We only see the Tower of Babel, Lord. We feel stuck in a rut. We are tempted to go back to Egypt and support the same leaders who dragged us to war in 2008, Lord. Come quickly, Lord, and save us.

We seek answers, Lord, on the way forward regarding the PEV victims, especially the IDPs who have not been compensated fairly. We are happy, Lord, for our brothers and sisters who got their compensation but what about us, Lord, who did not? We knock on the doors of The Hague as the trials continue and we ask you to let justice in. Give justice a permanent seat there now and forever, Lord.

Lord, please open wide the doors of The Hague so that justice may be done and be seen to be done.

Keep Lucifer off the face of Kenya

In Genesis Chapter 1, you tell us that you created us in your own image and likeness – man and woman, foreskins and skinless, circumcised and uncircumcised, white teeth and rotten teeth, jiggers, warts and all. You breathed into us the same breath – the breath of God and filled us with life and love. Bring justice to us in whatever skins, teeth and language you created us in. Because you looked at everything you created and said that it was good.

Father, we know how the jealous angel, Lucifer, became proud and jealous and caused a raging storm in heaven. Lord, you know how Lucifer continues roaming the face of the earth. We ask you to keep Lucifer off the face of Kenya so that he and his angels do not come back to commit post-election violence. We give Lucifer and his team a travel advisory right now and call for peace within our land and borders. We call for liberty but above all for justice.

You know everything, Lord. Your eyes are wide like the Indian Ocean. You can see further than Mount Kenya. Your eyes dig deep below the Rift Valley. You know where the crocodile lays its eggs in Lake Victoria. You know how many monkeys live in Kakamega forest. You are omnipresent Father. You embrace the whole universe like a spider from Kenya to America. You do not read maps because you know your creation like the back of your hand.

While other people have breakfast in Nairobi in the morning and dinner in The Hague in the afternoon, Lord, you are in Nairobi and The Hague at the same time. Represent us in The Hague and intervene for us.

Give us the language of angels

Lord our prayer is not just for the murdered 1350 or the 650,000 displaced victims now scattered all over the world as refugees and IDPs within their own country, but also the 40 million Kenyans traumatised by the ICC-related deaths, addiction, insults and drama. Sober us up, Lord. Give us the language of angels that we may understand each other, feed us with the mouth of babes and send Kenya into rehab, Lord, that we may practice clean and sober politics.

Give us the wisdom and grace to shed off hate, tribalism, greed for power, pride, entitlement, contempt and pathological lies. Jehovah, my God, we ask you to exorcise the spirit of raw energy and emotions that drive us crazy during each election. We pray for leaders of substance, who unite us, and not those that divide us along tribal lines. You are an angry God, visiting the iniquities of our fathers upon the third to the fourth generation of those who transgress.

You are the Lord of the living and the dead, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the most high King. That’s why we praise and glorify your name, Oh Hosanna!

Lord, we come before you, more than 40 million Kenyans, as immediate, current and long-term victims.

Forgive us our sins as we cry for repentance, Father. Be our diplomat and travel to the UN on our behalf, on the wings of a dove so that we may get justice. Keep the evidence intact and untampered with. Keep witnesses safe from the mighty jaws of death.

We are your helpless children, orphaned by the death of our parents and families of those we once shared a plate together. We pray for forgiveness from neighbours with whom we shared salt and water, and peed on the same fence only to turn against us, oh Lord.

Father, we humble ourselves, homeless people evicted from our homes and land because of the ODM and the PNU. Soften the hearts of our opponents so that they may allow us to go back home, where we belong.

Lord, you say you knew us well before we were born and that even before our parents conceived us, you had carved us in the palm of your hands, oh Lord.

If you are for us for us, who can be against us?

While our leaders have Goliath on their side, Lord, with a mighty chariot, we – the victims – only have David and his kalongolongo sling, oh Father. If you are for us, who can be against us?

Remember Lord, how Goliath despised David in the Book of Samuel. How he looked David over and saw that he was little more than a boy, glowing with health and handsome, and he despised him. He said to David, “Am I a dog that you come at me with sticks?” And the Philistine cursed David by his gods. “Come here”, he said, “and I’ll give your flesh to the birds and the wild animals!”

Dear God of Abraham, Moses and Jacob, we place Judge Osuji before thee. Before The Hague was, you were. You created Heaven and Earth, the seas and the skies. You created Kenya. You created The Hague. And all the cells and staircases that are in it. You created Bensouda and Ocampo, Lord. You created Attorney Gaynor, Lord. Give them wisdom, justice and the law. Have mercy on us. We ask this short prayer, in Jesus’ name. Amen


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