Being Single Vs. Being Married

No matter what situation you’re in, you may find yourself wondering is the grass greener on the other side? There’s one simple answer when contemplating about being single versus being married, but let’s take a look at why people find themselves asking this question.

The single life can be very sexy and wild. Different dates with various people every weekend, nights out with friends, and dancing at bars are what make singles enjoy the life they live. The freedom, independence, and ability to explore opportunities that life brings are the best perks. It is these perks that lure some married people into believing they are missing out. They see the one night stands, the beautiful women and men, and think about the thought of not having to be responsible for the family at home. With those thoughts, joy kicks in. But those same perks that entice married people are the ones that get old for the singles, which leads into the marriage life.

The marriage life offers love and commitment. Spending everyday with your true love, planning family trips, and feeling trust and security are what marriages are about and what singles yearn for. Having the consistency and knowing you don’t have to search for love anymore is pure bliss. This becomes boredom for some married couples, but it is living the good life for singles.

It is because of those perks mentioned above for singles and married that people wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. No one thinks about the singles who have heartbreaks, have unwanted pregnancies, and are lonely. If couples saw that side, they would be happy being married. On the other side, if singles saw the married men or women who had been cheated on, experienced divorce, or was married and still felt alone, they would enjoy being single. So here is the answer.

The answer is things are not greener on the other side. Being single and being married offer the good and bad. You have to make the best out of which side you are on. If you are single, live it up but be safe. If you are married, enjoy your spouse for what he/she is worth and do things so the relationship won’t become dull. You are in charge of how spontaneous, fun, and lively your life is. Now it’s time to do something about it.


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