Women. Some are like air. They fill up the entire space available inside your heart. Chameleonic in nature, they quickly adapt to become your biggest dream… or your worst nightmare. They take everything you give them, without even asking.But the one reason for them loving you will always be the shape you give them: what they become by your side. They need to be shaped more than anyone else, they need to find their identity by loving someone. They’re just that… the air inside a room… the space they occupy. And even though you’d swear that they can’t change you… wait until they’re gone. That’s when you see what the cracks they vanished through are.Some are like water. These too can take almost any shape imaginable. They’re calm, strong, patient. Imagine a lake. A river cutting through the toughest stone. A stormy sea. They hold more power than they themselves imagine. Did you ever see yourself in the mirror of a woman’s eyes? Did you ever see yourself exactly for what you were? No masks, no fake pretending. That’s water, my friend. And the odd thing is that you never knew how thirsty you were. But one word of warning, if I may. Be careful not to drown.Some women are made from fire. No, no. They are fire. And you know what they say. Don’t play with fire, because you might get burned. Impulsive by nature, they love like noother. And hate just thesame. Passionate, ambitious, strong willed, curious. They don’t wait on you for them to act. In fact, they don’t even need you as much as you’d think. It’s stupid men who believe they can control such women. Or change them to theirliking. They do not change. They are who they are, who they werebefore you met them. Who they were born to be. Fire burns. It burns, burns, burns. It’s love and hate and pain and sweetness. It’s danger. It’s poetry. And just likeair, when it’s gone it’s gone.And some women are made from earth. You know the expression: “down to earth.” Men would say about them that they’re rational beings. And they are. They love with their heads. They make lists.They decide. They rarely whine when it hurts, when the going gets tough. They’re beautiful in a simple way. Maybe men don’t turn their heads after them on the street, but they sure do fall in lovewith them without evenrealizing it.


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