Refuse to be denied! That’s the way to the greater thing. 

Deep inside, where only two sets of eyes can see it, lies the dream yet to emerge. It’s a recent spark for some. For others, it’s the longest fuse known to man. It sits there fizzling like a firecracker waiting to explode. We wouldn’t have the inclination if it wasn’t possible. What do I have to do, to see this thing live, outside my body?


We learn from two paradigms. Pain or pleasure. One says, this is the way to do it. It screams, do more of it. The other says, this will never work. And bellows, stop doing what you’re doing. What moves us to act one way or another?


Desire is neither good or bad until I express it. My interpretation of life events encourages behavior. If I believe in a great conspiracy, to thwart my best efforts, I remain locked in immobility. Waiting for some external force to secure my release. Good luck with that.

If I see obstacles I can address them with strategy. If what I want, is beyond what’s in front of me, action is required. Move it. Go through it. Go around it. By all means necessary-get there. You’re smart enough, talented enough, and have what it takes to wrestle opposition into cooperation. You either want it or you don’t. Be honest.

Comparing myself to others is an efficient way to ignore my uniqueness. Find people who are where you want to be. Interrogate them to death. DO NOT DUPLICATE THEM! Common denominators present in every successful person is a great foundation. If I imitate, I will be a terrible them, and a lousy me. Principles have to be retro-fitted to your own skill set. Not compromised. Adapted. The dream is you. For you. And about you. If you let your dream die, you and the entire world will be denied the benefits of why you are alive on the planet.


I always ask myself, why did this happen? I’ve come to realize, the answer is irrevocably the same, for every question. To wake me up. If I don’t pay attention I can end up paying the consequences of lousiness and laziness and carelessness. Maybe I need to wake up to the good things in my life. Things I’ve been ignoring. Wake up means, it’s time to get up, and go up! No one is created to be a bottom feeder living a discounted life.

Success and failure isn’t about luck. Both are the result of intention. I never deliberately intended to fail. However, I had to learn a hard lesson. Without an intention to succeed failure is what you get. I can trace every gain or lose to my thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions. An unbiased analysis shows how I, set myself up, every time.

I don’t believe in a strait line to the top. Some people do get there faster than others. But I don’t allow myself to be grudge successful people. Many of them have more failures than successes. I know success is the result of never giving up. They had to do the hard work of navigating their shortcomings and honing their strengths. They learned the power of leveraging. Sustainability happens when the desire to give is equal to or greater than the desire to get. What I do is not as important as why I do it.

Now matter what happens, the more important question is, what do I do next? Whether I’m trying to get on top or stay on top, after every win or loss I ask myself, what now? Whether you crashed and burned or landed on the moon you want to know why. You want to know what to do next. The question is relevant to arriving in my dream.

I was born because of intention. I have an intention for my life. We are all the same in that regard. Life is about discovering what that intention is. The greater thing is connected to mastery. Wishful thinking doesn’t give life. It’s a destructive distraction. A willingness to become proficient, at whatever beckons at your heart, is one of those known secrets everybody wants to avoid talking about. Show yourself how serious you are and the universe will help you out. You are meant to win. Don’t let your circumstances talk you out of it.

The method of Exchange

What do you need to learn? Do you have clarity? Do you need systems? Are you accountable to someone? Do you have a team? Find mentors, classes, online tutorials. Get plugged in to groups that share your aspirations. Live in the real world. Synthetic virtual friendships can fail to deliver adequate support. Volunteer in places that do what you are passionate about.

Invest in yourself and other will too. Don’t show up expecting to get for free what you intend to charge for. Pay for your dream and it will pay you back. Not having money is no excuse. Barter. Trade. Do whatever it takes. People want to help. Ask. Seek. Knock. You can do what you are meant for.

Refuse to be denied! That’s the way to the greater thing. 


Finishing Strong


It is not enough to be born, it is not enough to show up, we need to develop the mind-set that we intend to win. Discipline in one area will not make up for laziness in another. Everything affects everything. It’s not that you can be good at one thing and concede defeat in other areas, we will all need to lift our game in every sphere of our lives to win and to finish the race that has been set before us by our Lord Jesus.

1 Corinthians 9:24 says, “Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it. And everyone who competes for the prize is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a perishable crown, but we for an imperishable crown.”

It is not to enough to espouse the principles finishing your race, it is important to embody the principles that you espouse. Are you fit for the kingdom of God? Jesus said in Luke 9:62“No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” The thing that makes a person fit for service in the kingdom of God is not just a willingness to show up to the fight, but a willingness to hold on to the things He has spoken to you about. You cannot win if you are unwilling to hold on to God’s Word to you, in spite of all kinds of opposition.

A lot of people when they are younger have a zest for life, but find the same people 25 years later, and life has knocked the wind out of them. I dare say that a lot of you reading this right now are even now behaving according to your circumstances and not according to the Word of the Lord to you. But that is not the way to play the game of life. To win the game of life you have to make up your mind to choose what God said! When you should be sad, dance! When you should be broke, think and talk rich! When you start, make a determination to finish strong because of the ability of God which is in and for you.

God does not take pleasure in you drawing back from your walk of faith. If you are at the place where you are asking questions about why “it” has not happened for you yet, the solution is not to draw back. The solution is not looking for other alternatives to the Word of God. The solution is to put more pressure on that Word until you see results!

Everybody has the temptation to find the easier route, but the river that meanders the most is the river that takes the path of least resistance. If you want to have a life where it seems like your whole life is so convoluted and you can hardly get to your destination before you are too old to enjoy anything, then please take the path of least resistance!

However, if you are ever going to get to your promised land without spending 40 years wandering, then you need to make up your mind to go through the land of the philistines in 12 days, even if it will take a fight! You will need to say to the devil, if it is fight you want, a fight you’re going to get, but I am getting to my promised land!

Today I am praying that you will find the courage to make a decision to walk the path that has been set before you in spite of the giants in your way. As you choose God what God said, as you choose to walk in the path he instructed you to walk, you will find His Grace and Mercy available to you. As you choose to do His will, you will not lose. You will win! You will finish strong!