There have been many times in my life that I have walked in the “valley of the shadow of death.” Those valleys took many different forms. At times the valley was a valley of fear; fear of the unknown. At other times it was a valley of loss, whether it was the death of a friend or family member or the loss of a relationship, it was a valley. At other times the valley just showed up and I didn’t understand why. 

What I learned in each of those valleys I could not have learned walking along the mountain top. I know that some valleys are deeper than others and some are not as deep but may be longer. I am thankful for the valleys. Most often I don’t like the valley I am in but I know God’s promises are true. 

I know when I’m in the valley I’m the closest to Him and He won’t leave me there. He leads me through the valley to prepare me, to refine me and to trust Him more. I am confident He will never leave me or forsake me.

The older I get I am learning to embrace the valleys. I still don’t like it but that is just my humanness. Who really wants to go through a valley? When it gets hard I have learned to praise Him. Through praise not only do I find peace but I can see Him working in the midst of the valley.

If you find yourself in a valley, as difficult as it might be embrace where you are and praise Him. Seek God and ask Him to lead and guide you through the terrain. It still might be tough, but “His rod and staff will comfort you,” that is a promise from Him. 

Your circumstance may not immediately change, most often it doesn’t, but you will find peace in the valley. The peace will give you the ability to see God working it all out and grow your trust in Him. It is in the valley we learn the most about God and about ourselves.

If you are in a valley today…give Him your praise and be expectant for what He will do! He will lead you, comfort you and work it all out for your good.