Beyond You,What Does History Says

History has rewarded great men and women with a legacy. These are people whose small acts of compassion and concern gave them a prestigious seat in the world. From Benjamin Franklin to Mother Teresa to Martin Luther King Jr to Wangare Maathai to Nelson Mandela the story is the same. This men and women stood not only for their own benefit but also for the benefit of posterity.

As I write, Lucy Kibaki the former Kenya first lady’s spirit is no more.  I heard many leaders send condolences  showering her praise with praise of how she was a defender of family Values. From Archives, clips of President Kibaki announcing from State House that he had only one wife- who was of course Mama Lucy and  to many others where the first stormed a media house contesting on what had been written concerning her and family; I think maybe that is the reason people are calling her so. I am not sure what they mean but maybe they are right.

The way we lead our lives is crucial; our actions and behavior would speak more than what people would say about us when we are gone. Our contribution, no matter how small, counts when it comes to transforming society.

When Africa is now bedeviled by so many social evils, I am glad to realize there are few men and women committed to solving these problems. They are not whining and crying foul, but they are focused on creating opportunities for better development.

There is an interesting phenomenon happening in Africa – The Africa rising. However according to Alain the founder of GiftedMom in Cameroon, Africa is rising but Africans are not rising. Isn’t this a tragedy? Why should Africa rise without her own people? Why should we allow despondency to thrive in presence of Abundance?

Our legacy would be measured by what we create for the next generation. Our legacy would be embedded in our ability to create job opportunities for young people. Yes, I believe our legacy is dependent on our ability to restore dignity to African people.

Restoring dignity of Africans is an ambitious goal. But if we set ourselves to creating inclusive institutions, then we can be assured of transformation in Africa; if we manage to denounce selfishness of politicians whose single intention is to divide people’s involvement in politics and are keen to create hegemony, then the African rising dream would Viable.

I am optimistic, that the power surge of youth who are seeking to create a better future through collaboration and partnership would spur our economic fortune to unprecedented levels. I guess this is what Africa needs.

I know Africa is weary of elites who have for decades manipulated and exploited the poor and voiceless . And maybe the curse has followed them and their families for they seem not to be perturbed by their own weird behavior. Yes! Maybe the cries of the blood of those innocent people they have killed is what is causing the awakening and urge among few who are defying conventional ways of politics to wanting to do the right thing.

You will agree with me that many are tired with corruption. It is the reason why propagators of these heinous acts are being exposed frequently like never before. I think now is the time to join hands and minds to find mechanisms of punishing and deterring devours of Africa rising Dream.

And when Africa will rise together with her people, then we will sing… we are free at last, we are free in deed. I know you all long for such time that we will all sing this wonderful song.


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