Let me introduce you to yourself

When God created you and called you, He didn’t make a mistake! The things He has planned for you and for me in these days are so huge and so amazing that people will have no choice but to concede that this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in their eyes!

No flesh will be able to glory in His presence because what He will do will far surpass human ability and possibility. It’s not going to be by might or power, but by His Spirit at work in and through you and me.

2 Corinthians 4 tells us that we have this precious treasure in earthen vessels, or jars of clay.  I hope you just saw yourself! The same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is on the inside of you right now.

I wonder if you know what you have! This isn’t something we are waiting for, or praying for, this is something we have right now! It’s not just those who are hiding things away in safes who have some treasure. WE have treasure. We have the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ in us NOW! WE have the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, and we KNOW it!

Have you any idea what the glory of God in the face of Christ can do? That glory lights up all of Heaven! There is no other light in Heaven other than the light of that glory! Can you imagine how much power that is? God took the same glory and ability out of Heaven and put it in vessels of clay. We house this treasure!

The same God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, was the same One who found you when your life was in a mess and there seemed like there was no potential; He spoke into your life and said, “Let there be life!” If you are in awe of how amazing God is, you should realize that the same God is at work in you!

Just as God commanded the light to shine, we can speak to the mountain and see it move. We have the same ability to take a life that has been broken, ruined, short changed and abused, and command the darkness and the fears to leave and out of that chaos, He will give beauty for ashes and wholeness in place of brokenness.

With that kind of treasure, how and why would you feel so insignificant and think that your future is so small? You are so powerful that we have to introduce you to yourself!

You are a treasure chest. Not just a small little person struggling to get through every day. How about the notion that you house something that turned the chaos of the unformed world in Genesis 1:2 into a place of great beauty, rich with natural resources! All you have to do is release the Word, just as God did.

It’s time to arise and shine, change your posture and your expectations about your life, and start speaking the Word over every situation you face. Instead of seeing chaos and insufficiency, start to see opportunity with your eye of faith.

Please stop despising yourself. thinking you have nothing. Today, accept the truth that you have this treasure.

Every emotion of insignificance and fear of the future that has come because you think that you haven’t got it. it’s leaving you now. Go again! Rise again! The God the BREAKTHROUGH will visit your House!! He’s going to give you houses you didn’t build, wells you didn’t dig, businesses you didn’t found and enlarge your territory, until all walls of containment can no longer restrict or constrain you!! Remember, when you decide to get up, there’s nothing and no one that can stop you!!


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