Work Hard in Silence, Let Your Success Be Your Noise.

Work Hard in Silence, Let Your Success Be Your Noise -Frank Ocean
This is one of my favorite quotes. If you read between the lines, the message is pretty clear: you’re working hard and you’re feeling exhausted, you’re feeling like giving up, but you can’t, you have to be patient. If you keep going, your success will be huge!

Sometimes lack of patience leads us to huge mistakes, such as settling for something less valuable than the things we could achieve. Patience and determination are what makes the difference between mediocrity and success, and when we feel like giving up and settling for less, we should focus on our ability to wait for what we really deserve. We must wait for THE reward, not for just a reward.

When we feel disheartened, because we don’t see results, we should think that our success is on its way, and it will “make the noise.” Focusing on this idea, will make our worries disappear, or at least weaken. This helps to fuel the right motivation that we need in order to go on.

It’s like being in a tunnel.  If we are driving through a tunnel, the tunnel of the hard work, it doesn’t mean that it’s dark outside. After a long time in the dark, at the end of this tunnel, we will probably need a pair of sunglasses to tolerate the sunlight, the light of our success.


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