A Letter For Every 20-Something.

Dear 20-Somethings,

I understand your struggles. Believe me, I’m right there with you. “Adulting” is hard. It’s scary, it’s intimidating, and it feels almost impossible. How are we all supposed to find a job we love, find a person we love, and find a place we love all at once?! Not to mention make enough money for all of the above!

This world seems too big, too wide, and too long for us all to handle. It feels like it could swallow us whole, to be honest.

But here’s the thing: It’s supposed to be hard. It’s supposed to feel scary and intimidating. And you are supposed to mess up. In fact, this is your time to mess up. One hundred percent, you are allowed to be a mess up.

There are no rules that says you have to have your plans together right now. There is no sign over your head that is making you work at a job you absolutely despise. There is no rule that you have to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend now. And there’s nothing wrong with not having your own place right now.

Society makes us all feel like we need to hurry. And like we need to hurry, so our future can be as good as it can be. But, we keep forgetting to live in the moment.

We keep forgetting to live in the now.
If you are unhappy with your life right now and you keep doing things only because you feel like you are supposed to do them, then stop. You are only this young RIGHT NOW. There is absolutely no reason for you to be miserable when you are this age.

When you are old, gray and wrinkly, don’t you think you will regret not going out and actually living? Don’t you think you will regret not tasting different foods, not witnessing different cultures and not reaching for your dreams?

This is your time.
And it’s only going to happen once. So, if you want, you can keep trying to please everyone but yourself, and living a boring, miserable life. Or, you can choose to live for yourself. And not live for anyone else.

You’re allowed to mess up. You’re allowed to make mistakes. Just as long as you are smart about it, and are living life on your own terms. Not anyone else’s.

To all the 20-something mess ups of the world- It’s time to start living, my friends. You’ll get yourself together one of these days. Just have some fun once in a while!

You only have today to start living the life you want and it’s about time to start that, don’t you think so?


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