Every day when I go around and see the suffering of people in our world, I always wished I had lots of resources, to help the poor. I believe this is the mentality many of us have. We wish we were like the very rich. We wouldn’t just fold our hands and do nothing or do very little.

But the truth is, how much are we doing with the little we have? Kindness is an act that can be rendered, regardless of what you have or lack. Remember the song “Try a little kindness” by Glen Campbell? We don’t have to wait to be rich to be kind to others, as no one is so poor that he cannot give something to enrich another’s life everyday of his life.

What this life requires is a little act of kindness from everyone. Many of us have old clothes that we will never need, yet we store them, instead of giving them out to others less fortunate than us. There are lots of kids out there without books to read, and here we are with books used by our kids, and they don’t have need for them anymore. And instead of giving those books to others who need them, we store them in our libraries or in the attic.

If you’ve got things you no longer need, give them to others who need them. Do not keep those things until they become useless, thinking you may need them some time. Let them do good now, pass them along today. They have served your turn. Let them be evidences of your love and thoughtfulness of others. Do not be selfish, at least with the things that you can spare. Do not hoard them, thinking that you may want them later. You can make a greater investment, in your own character, in satisfaction and happiness, by giving them away than by keeping them, in anticipation of some future emergency that will never arise.

We may not have the resources to save thousands or hundreds of people, but we can touch the life of an individual, just by showing a little kindness. Live your greatest life!