The State Of Mfangano

Mfangano. Mfangano our mother land;strategically placed at the heart of the great lake Victoria.Endowed with priceless natural resources,blessed with the best brains that the world desperately needs,characterized by beautiful people,scenic landscape,wonderful wildlife and very pleasant Eco-system and environment. Mfangano is definitely heavenly;the universal throne of greatness.

mfangano mpya

As someone quiped,”God,seating on His rotating seat,can be at ease sipping His cup of coffee while looking at man’s affairs all around Him-in all the islands;Remba,Ringiti,Migingo,Kiwa,Lolwe and dry land;Rusinga,Kaksingri.Gwasii and Labwe, that sorround Mfangano.
A great land of so great people that no one in the world can refute it is a fact.But truer is the fact that the mindset of most people in Mfangano is very prety. It is why they end up having mediocre lifestyle,below average.
There is nothing exciting about being average in life.Being average simply means being at the top of the bottom!Oh Mfangano,you are too endowed to beg,too blessed to be pretty. Don’t you know!

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Mfangano is great,her location royal,her potential first class ,her people strong but the only thing that is letting her down is the mindset of the majority whose philosophy in life,day by day perspectives and the thoughts patterns developed from childhood is very negative due to their rude and uninspired environment;these gallant sons and elegant daughters of this royal island suffer from some mental deficiency that develop in them,low self esteem;poor self image.With this,they end up training their eyes to look at life from a victim’s angle and consequently results to a life full of illusions,fantasies,self destructive attitudes and behaviors.
This is a tragedy of destiny.Their mindset and attitude is largely influenced and controlled by their negative life experiences.How unfortunate!Let’s be inspired before we expire.
Some of the sons and daughters of our mother land have turned their back on this island.Some have called it all sorts of names and abused it to some extent.Instead of looking forward to better days ahead and acting in a way that leads there,they have chosen to glance overseas in search of a great and dignified life.The exodus from Mfangano to the West(America) in recent years have been massive and prominent.I come from a village where almost every family’s dream is to have one or most of its members abroad.People have come to believe that to be great is to leave Mfangano,I thank God for those who didn’t believe in this and their presence in the island brought transformation to the community.

My advice to all of us is that you can blossom from whatever location you find yourself in this world.Maya Angelou said,’If you don’t like something change it,if you can’t change it,change your attitude’.Most people like petty lives,not because of their location but because of their attitude.


It is very unfortunate how the majority of people in our island are trained mentally and socially from childhood to fear their dreams,doubt their destiny and disown their greatness.It’s like the core mission of our social set ups is to discourage us to believe beyond our community mental and social status.In most communities Dream killers and Destiny breakers have outnumbered positive minded people and this create a big negative imbalance in our upbringing,and as a result most youths are discouraged into believing into their own greatness and end settling for far less aspirations that are far below their real potential.


As Dr.Myles Munroe observed:’The result of this human ‘counter development’ process is that the majority of the hearth’s population lives under the spell and debilitating power of spectra called ‘fear’.Fear is the source of ninety percent of lack of progress and personal development in the lives of millions of gifted,talented,and resourceful individuals.

Many expert in the field of human behavior have stated that the fear of failure and fear of success are the most powerful and most prevalent fears experienced by human family.

Let’s be inspired and put on new glasses and start looking at life from a differing angle,let people’s opinions and most of the time their assessment of our,intelligence ,talents and ability not to led us to lower our own worth and treat our aspiration as suspect.Let’s back to drawing board and start a new and a fresh journey of greatness.

The kind of change that is needed is the kind that an entire island must undergo ,on behalf of their descendants ,and for their children’s children.It is the kind of change that is painful and terrifying and the stuff of true courage.It seems the Island forget to often,courage is more than a man(person) with a gun.


The courage to be part of this change exists at the institutional level -where everything from education to poverty to employment to healthcare becomes tarnished with MFANGANO’s deep-seeted hatred and clanism.Changing this is a work of many generations.But there exist too a courage that is individual .It is a courage that begins with discomfort of having to confront and question all you’ve been told.

For many -for the majority of those who exist in power and privilege as far as identity goes it begins with the willingness to question the reality you live in;to admit that reality does not belong to everyone and standpoint is important.Because how can we even begin honest conversation about Island when we cannot agree that you and I leave in the same Island ,but because history and all that it brings ,that world is unequal and just?We do not experience the world in the same way as each other.


And many cannot admit this ,many refuse to see that one’s perception of the world is not the only one that exists.And indeed that goes for everyone ,but especially those who exist in social positions of power.But if you want you want to find how well the society is in any subject,you asked the least privileged and least powerful-and it is there that you will find you mist important answers.

The truth is not always easy or simple .But the truth is an empty stomach ,a long ,hard day that become long hard months and years trying to make end meet;the truth is dead body in the ground.The truth is poverty ,prevails in Mfangano in 2016 in a way that is sometimes subtle and obvious.But it is always terrifying.

I find there is little courage when people are asked to admit these truths.Perhaps that is what is so frustrating about our conversation on this.We seem to disagree fundamentally on the fundamental-depending on who you are.Sometimes is a matter of mere education and other times,it is willful ignorance.

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You can’t force people to believe what you do.But you can provide sound social arguments,you can observe and explain social experiences of different groups-you can show patterns.But ultimately people must be left to their own devices to make up their own minds.The problem of course is that before we approach these conversations,many minds are already made up.The stories ,the realities cease to matter.It is unfortunate,I do think however ,that because these conversations are almost impossible that they should not be tried for.On the contrary ,I believe that trying to do the impossible is necessary