The absurdity that keeps Moses Kuria in Parliament

The President and other elected officials, including the entire Parliament, serve the people.

If that is true, Moses Kuria has absolutely no place anywhere near a democracy trying to heal itself of inequalities and corruption.

It is his kind of careless speaking that led my cousins to cower in their house in Kisumu, fearing for their lives during the post-election violence, while bullets rained onto their roof.

They waited it out but their neighbours were not so lucky. They did not make it out alive.

Everyone has a story like that, about how someone was slashed as they watched and how their neighbour fled because everyone knew what tribe he was.

About how no one wanted to leave their house to go to the supermarket, even for phone airtime, after a certain point in the day.

Every such story has a beginning and the beginning is usually hate speech.


Moses Kuria is an idiot. Let us just accept this fact quickly enough, so that we can move on to what to do about this problem, this blight, this embarrassment to our society.

If you need proof of his idiocy, I will point you to the long list of statements he has made concerning hate speech and killing people.

He is, generally, running his mouth in a manner severely unbecoming of a Member of Parliament. All you have to do is Google the man.

Mr Kuria said that anyone who opposes NYS — whose side he is on — should be slashed with pangas. These words inhibit freedom of speech, yet Kenyans are allowed to have opinions.

The Gatundu South MP claims he has not been inciting anyone and argues he did not name any communities and therefore did not utter hate speech. Another excuse he uses is the badly fabricated spiel that if he had truly incited anyone, they would have acted by now.

This is nonsense. No one should be allowed to talk in such a loose, uncultured fashion about another community in Kenya, especially not in terms of motive and intent so clearly cut.


Moses Kuria is not fit to run a constituency. To him, some humans are more equal than others. This is not the kind of leadership we need, or want.

The President has warned the MP about his comments. MPs have shunned him. Through Johnson Sakaja, his party has distanced itself from his comments, yet still this man is in office.

After Mr Kuria’s foreskin remarks on Twitter landed him in court, he proceeded to go against court orders less than a week after his half-baked, insincere apology.

The problem with Kenyans, as it has always been, is that we forget too quickly. Events that are supposed to shape our country fall off a mental precipice faster than Governor Kabogo runs when he is being chased by burning spirits.

Garissa University College is opening again, even if the investigations that clearly showed the residents of Garissa Town knew an attack was coming have been ignored. What has been done?

What has been done for Westgate, and the questions that still remain? A reopening, that’s what. What of the inquiry that was promised?


Now, we can whine and write about it in the paper. That’s one way to raise pressure and another is to start a petition and collect signatures that call, loudly, for Mr Kuria’s removal from office.

It is funny to me, though, that we still exist in this society where some people are more equal than others.

When some people speak hatefully against the President, they are thrown in jail immediately for undermining him, but when MPs call for people to be cut with pangas, nothing happens. Ferdinand Waititu, who said Maasai should leave Embakasi, apologised, and was set free.

We forget how ethnic cleansing starts, the words that set the ball rolling in the first place. Those who speak such words get to walk freely to television interviews, or leave them in a huff when they are cornered.

If people can be thrown in jail for disrespecting the President, they should likewise be thrown in jail for disrespecting the people. After all, the electorate is far more important than the elected.

I wait to see what my government will do in the face of these obviously hateful claims. I wait to see Moses Kuria brought to justice, with any luck, soon, lest Kenya begin to slowly burn once more.

Twitter: @AbigailArunga